Saturday, 26 January 2008

Confessions of a celebrity stalker

Today, whilst on a fairly mundane trip to the local supermarket, I spotted Ballykissangel star, Dervla Kirwan! Pretty sad of me to admit, but there's something quite nice knowing that a celebrity shops in the same supermarket as me! She spent a lot longer in the fruit and veg section than I did, but we bumped into each other again in the baked goods aisle, and again in the cereal aisle. It got a bit embarassing after a while as I didn't want her to think I was stalking her or anything. I only stalk boys with guitars.

Like the guy from The Delays (anyone remember them?!) who I followed round Virgin Megastore for a while before finally getting the courage to approach him and ask for an autograph. I was then stopped by security cos I hadn't yet paid for the cd that I'd asked the guy to sign and he wanted to make sure that I was actually going to buy it, rather than just vandalising store property.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Here's to a great 2008

It’s now 2008, and in the year that I’m set to turn 29, I can feel my own mortality wrapping its evil claws around my soul and I realise that I am not going to live forever, even though I am convinced Noel was thinking of me when he wrote that masterpiece. This means that my ego feels the need to preserve what makes me uniquely me for the sake of future generations, as otherwise, the children of tomorrow will never feel complete.

Therefore, I have decided to resume my blogging energies with renewed vigour. I also quite enjoyed reading through my past blog entries, which I have dragged here from another site. I started blogging at a time in my life when instead of looking for a job, my days were spent trawling the interweb for random rubbish, and then annoying whichever friend was working from home, or recovering from a night shift that particular day. I played a lot of Nintendo during that time. But it was good times, and I had fun, even if others did get a bit tired of me constantly being in their flat, drinking their tea and using their internet connection because I couldn’t afford my own.

The blogs dried up when I staggered back into the real world and 9 to 5 jobs. Hopefully 2008 is the year when I manage to successfully juggle the pressures of the rat race with maintaining a simple blog, and the lucky world get to know a little bit more about the childish workings of my mind.