Thursday, 28 August 2008

Random thoughts

My evening meal tonight consisted of a tin of sardines eaten straight out of the tin whilst standing over the cooker waiting for a pan of water to boil. The pan of water was for steaming some broccoli that I needed to eat before it started to turn yellow. A balanced and nutritious meal if ever I saw one. I have friends who are dropping sprogs all over the place, and bringing new human life into the world, and I'm still eating fish out of a can and mouldy vegetables.

On another note, I met up with Sis#3 yesterday and we went round to her flat for coffee after dinner. She lives in Sloane Square, just off King's Road and for those folks who don't live in London, this area in general is full of very wealthy and very pompous people. I decided to get the bus home as it would be easier than changing several times due to the Victoria Line not working. At the bus stop, who should I come across, but a group of yoofs. They may all have been wearing expensive blazers and designer jeans and talking in very posh voices but they were still doing exactly the same as the yoofs on the council estates dressed in Adidas. They were just hanging out, drinking beer from cans, swearing, spitting, and generally being very loud and annoying. It's funny how urban tribes may live in completely different worlds, but at the same time, strip away the superficial stuff like clothes and accents and they're participating in exactly the same rituals and practices.


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