Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Texts in my inbox, volume 1

  • That's nice. Poke the infected eye then touch the other one.
  • There are some nice looking boys...and beer. This is a good Friday night entertainment.
  • Swyddfa!!! One ginger on the train half tipsy!
  • Glasto was amazing just wish I had started going earlier. Def going next year. Failed dramatically with the she pee.
  • Pants. Can you cut off a bit of his hair for me as a keepsake?
  • I want to go home and boil myself clean.
  • No I've got bacon feet
  • Someone's got penis envy...
  • Bloody hell. Have you been at home all day watching the Wire instead of going to work?!
  • Merry Smurfday!
  • My brain hurts
  • But I'm like a good red wine...I'm getting better with age.
  • Deal. Are we called Sex Panther? Or All rock and no roll? Even though we'd prob just be all roll. It could be ironic and therefore awesome.
  • Iw roper drunk and fveked i need help
  • I'm working on perfecting margaritas...the fun is in the journey.
  • It's ok my dad's a fish.
  • Just been stopped and handed a mag about noah and god! She told me to read it and learn how to be saved. Do i look like i need to be saved?!