Saturday, 12 July 2008

Lyrics du jour

I've been listening non-stop to Los Campesinos! recently and as well as having the most gorgeous melodies in the whole wide universe, their lyrics are also to die for. I've posted some of them here to give you just a taster, but seriously, you need to check them out for yourself. They're Lush. With a capital L.

My year in lists:
You said "send me stationary to make me horny"
So I always write you letters in multicolours
Decorating envelopes for foreplay
Damn extended metaphors, I get carried away

We are all accelerated readers:
And there were conversations about what Breakfast Club character you'd be
I'd be the one that dies (no one dies)
Well then what's the point?

You! Me! Dancing!
And oh, if only there were clothes on the floor
I'd feel for certain I was bedroom dancing
And it's all flailing limbs at the front line
Every single one of us is twisted by design

ps. I'm also rather excited that I managed to embed this youtube video into the post. Hurrah! And you all laugh when I say that I work in IT!



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